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Over the last 20 years the rise of mobile phones, tablets and technology has risen expotentially. In more recent years people have become more concerned about EMF radiation, due to the rise in chronic illness and mental health. We are hearing more and more about the harmful influence of cell phones, computers and technology. Nevertheless electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our modern-day world and we can’t easily exclude them from our daily life.


Although we can make conscious choices about how we use them. We can be begin by becoming aware of our habits, how often we use our phones and for what. However I guess the question is, is there anything we can do or use to offer some protection from the radiation? 


This is even more important than ever with the introduction of 5G, which unfortunately has never been tested on humans. We at Shungite UK believe the answers to many problems can be found in the earth. Shungite, which is mined from the earth in Russia has been used and proven to help people suffering from EMF sensitivity amongst many other ailments. 


The most efficient and cheapest way to reduce radiation is shungite. The stone is widely known for its absorbing and protecting properties. Shungite is a natural geomagnetic material with a strong screening effect, neutralizing high frequency and microwave frequency, electromagnetic radiation. The only thing you need to do in order to maintain their efficiency is to clean and charge your stones on regular basis. It is recommended to run under warm soapy water, dry and leave out over night or on a window cill to recharge, similar to crystal maintenance. 

A selection of protection when working on your laptop
A Glass pitcher with Elite Noble stones for purification
Shungite jewellery for everyone

It has been scientifically proven that EMF and geopathic stress make the human body vibrate at higher frequencies than normal, inturn affecting our immune system, causing DNA mutations, making people more sensitive to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative disease, and a wide range of health problems.












In 2010 a group of independent scientists from 10 countries prepared a report, aimed at revealing the correlation between electromagnetic fields and people’s health. According to the report, people who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity face problems such as chronic fatigue, regular stress, poor concentration, memory loss, mental fog, headaches, dizziness, migraines, anxiety and insomnia. EMF and geopathic stress can cause additional health problems such as increased blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, arthritis and severe mental health issues such as long term depression. It can also affect infertility/ reproduction and increase cancer risks.

Even more notable, organizations such as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a component of the World Health Organization (WHO), don’t deny EMF negative effects. In its statement in 2011 the IARC conceded that  EMF Radiation was classified as a Group 2B possible 'Human Carcinogen'. This was based on higher brain tumour rates found in long term mobile phone users. Since then the evidence for cancer has risen substantially. 

Experts at (THE NATIONAL TOXICOLOGY PROGRAMME) are calling fro a review and (EMF, RF) to be re-classified as a known carcinogen class 1, like tobacco, asbestos and x rays!

Interesting Information
How mobile phones heat up the body, particularly the brain

Do EMFs affect you?


      Check the list of major EMF-sensitivity signs to find out:

  •       Mood swings and emotional instability 

            Nervous system is the most vulnerable to the negative influence of radiation. Out-of-nowhere                             depressive tendencies, lack of focus and problems with memory are the first warning signs.

  •      Compromised immune system

           You fall ill more often than before as electromagnetic waves have weakened your immune system                      Common colds are more frequent.

  •      Unusual pains and migraines

           Random muscles pains, regular headaches and unusual pulse patterns alarm that your cardiovascular,              musculoskeletal systems are disturbed and there is disease within the body.

  •      Exhaustion, anxiety and sleep disturbance  

           Constant EMF exposure makes your hormonal level jump back and forth. It results in chronic fatigue,                exhaustion and a short temper.

Broadly speaking, almost every person needs to wear and use shungite.  We are surrounded by electronic devices and our exposure to geopathic stress has grown exponentially with the roll out of 5G and masts appearing near our homes, work places and even schools!!! It is imperative now more than ever, to be protected from negative energy, radiation and dangerous electromagnetic waves/ Emf's.  Adults, children, babies, pets, nature and wildlife are not exempt from this toxicity.  Children and babies, due to their smaller head size and skull being softer and thinner, are at more risk, however pregnant woman and the elderley are in a high risk catergory too.  


There is a wide array of options how to use shungite stones for EMF protection and geopathic stress reduction, so everyone can choose the one that most suits them.

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