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Elite Noble Shungite Ring with Copper Plated Band

Elite Noble Shungite Ring with Copper Plated Band


Really cant believe the price of this ring! 

An absolute must if you love rings and dont want to gve up technology!

The ring is adjustable and the 

Our arms have lots of bioactive points that are closely connected with our physical and emotional health. Rings are proven to contribute to your inner balance and stability. Moreover, they are great protection tools against negative energies and bad vibrations, Wearing a shungite ring on a regular basis will help you to keep your psycho-emotional state in a good condition and is capable of normalizing blood pressure. Due to the protective properties of shungite as a mineral shungite rings also act as a perfect tool of personal protection against electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, relief of geopathic stress and an instrument of reducing any harmful effects to which your body and soul are exposed. 

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