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Genuine Elite Noble Shungite Stud Earings

Genuine Elite Noble Shungite Stud Earings


Elite Noble Shungite Stud Earings

Weight: approximately 5 grams (0.01 Ib)

The item consists of two stud earrings.

Made of unique elite shungite small nuggets

Titanium Nickel-free posts and Grade 430 Stainless Steel backs. No breakage - Type AAA construction.

The earing posts satisfy the US and European requirements as nickel free and lead-free



Ears are associated with Third Eye Chakra, and shungite earrings can help to increase productivity, improve the clarity of thoughts and stimulate memory. Moreover, they can influence your physical health. Shungite earrings are able to relieve pain, reduce headache and help with insomnia. Wearing shungite earrings on a regular basis will keep your mind clear.  Shungite earrings are also able to protect against electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress!!!


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